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The Lens serves global patent and scholarly knowledge as a public good to inform science and technology-enabled problem solving.

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News: Introducing the new Lens Scholarly Analysis
We have been working on a range of new visualisations and charts to explore and analyse scholarly works. <br><small class="col-meta">March 26, 2019</small> We have been working on a range of new visualisations and charts to explore and analyse scholarly works.
March 26, 2019

With the integration of scholarly works from PubMed, CrossRef and Microsoft Academic into the Lens, we have been working hard to leverage modern open-source tools, such as Elasticsearch, to enable real-time discovery and analysis across the entire corpus of 197M+ scholarly works....

Patent Search & Analysis

Patent Search & Analysis

The Lens hosts more than 100 million patent records from over 95 different jurisdictions. Our patent searching capability allows use of advanced boolean functions, structured search, biological search, and classification search options to find the most relevant and important patent. Our analysis functions and faceted exploration tools allow drilling down and discovery of new insights, and sharing or embedding these in any website. Learn More

Scholarly Search & Analysis

Scholarly Search & Analysis

The Lens hosts a rapidly growing corpus of scholarship - more than 188 million scholarly articles, books, theses, and conference proceedings - across various disciplines and from multiple sources. Discover relationships between scholarly works and the global patent literature and how patent information adds to and complements scholarship, or shapes or constrains its use. With facets you can explore the scholarly literature, and with graphical analysis better understand it. Learn More

PatCite: Linking Patents and Scholarship

PatCite: Linking Patents and Scholarship

Discover which scholarly articles have influenced what patents and who is using scholarly work to build products and services. Dynamic and interrogable, these maps allow you to identify and visualise important linkages and explore networks of collaborations. The granularity allows insights into how science and scholarship are shaping patented inventions and influencing economic activity; it can lead to better partnerships and clearer pathways to delivering outcomes of value. Learn More

In4M: Ranking Institutional Influence

In4M: Ranking Institutional Influence

The Lens extracted and identified millions of scholarly articles cited in the global patent literature, in collaboration with PubMed and CrossRef. Using this linkage, new tools and metrics were developed called International Innovation and Industry Influence Mapping - In4M. allowing one to explore and rank the degree to which research institutions influence enterprise. 200 Global Research institutions and 50 Australian research institutions were compared and ranked as part of the Nature Index in August 2017 and described in detail in Nature Biotechnology in January 2018. Learn More



Create, annotate, share and promote collections comprising your patent and scholarship portfolio. Create and explore collections of documents to understand who does what, when and where, and to inform decision-making.. Markup, annotate or embed your collections, create workbooks to organise your data and share your collections with others, or keep them confidential in your account. Learn More

PatSeq: Exploring Biological Sequences in patents

PatSeq: Exploring Biological Sequences in patents

The Lens’ unique open facility allows you to search, analyse and share the biological sequences disclosed in patents. This is the world’s largest publicly available database with internal transparency metrics. Choose among the 5 apps available to you to search and analyse the DNA, RNA and protein sequences found in patents and how these can inform innovation or shape strategies for research or product development. Learn More

Our Special Sauce More about our data set
111,527,869Patent Records
60,647,159Patent Families
195,586,889Scholarly Records
287,126,573Biological Sequences

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